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I'm always up for a good cup of coffee, although I wouldn't place myself in the "coffee knowing" group. I tried Mark's coffee at work one afternoon, and thought it had a lot of flavor without being overly roasted and yet was still light enough to enjoy without feeling like I needed to reach for the Tums as I often feel after a cup of work coffee!
When I actually started to buy his coffee, it was such a pleasure in the morning to enjoy a cup of coffee, I mean, actually sit and enjoy it. Coffee is no longer just that stuff that gets me going in the morning. I feel like this coffee gives me the opportunity to actually taste the depth of a cup and flavors that are enjoyable;  and the caffeine, well, that's just a bonus!  My favorite coffee, Brazil Caremo de Minas do Serrado, is so enjoyable, I've  started to drink more throughout the day, instead of just my a.m. rush.  I've also noticed that I use less to brew in my press, than I did with other coffees- the flavor tends to come out of these beans much better than coffee that is mass produced.
The best part about Coffee Snob Roasters, however, is that it's roasted to just what you like.  No more over-roasted, high priced coffee that I have to douse with creamer and sugar. And, without all those extra calories, I now can enjoy a pastry to compliment a great cup of coffee!
Thanks Mark!
  Hey Mark, 

I received coffee about two weeks ago and my wife and I really enjoy the dark roast coffee that we pruchased. Full body and just a great all around taste. We only drink it on special occasions for I like to stretch it out usually on Saturday mornings. We plan on buying some as a present for my daughter closer to Christmas. I am glad to help you in this business.




I look forward to going through a cupping experience with your coffee, following the methods you experienced when you went to this cupping event.
The coffee I got from you was superb, even the batch I almost ruined: Disaster Averted. Unfortunately, I had the last cup this morning.
One thing I noticed is that you don't need to use as much coffee when you have your high quality coffee. In using whole beans from the shelf and grinding them at home, I still need to use a bit more in grounds to get the taste (or somewhat the taste) than when I used your beans. There is something vastly different in freshly roasted, high quality beans and the taste panorama I look for in my coffee versus the store bought stuff. That means that even though the cost may be slightly higher in fresh roasted, small batch beans, I use less coffee, so the costs balance out and I have a better tasting cup.

(This comment is from Cody, good friend of mine...He was roasting a batch of beans at my house and accidentially skipped the cool down process. But we averted disaster. as you can read above...Hence the name "Averted Disaster Blend". He was like a little kid in a candy store...reminds me of me when ever I roast... being a kid in a candy store that is!)
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