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Don't just drink coffee...EXPERIENCE it!
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As you can tell from my story, at 
Coffee Snob Roasters I have a passion for coffee, fresh roasted coffee.

Drinking a cup of coffee should be more than just "drinking coffee". To me drinking coffee from around the world is an EXPERIENCE. 

Personally I can’t wait to experience my next cup of  coffee.
Coffee from each country and region has it’s own story to tell...flavor, aroma, body, acidity…(that’s a good thing!) and sweetness, are the ways coffee express themselves to you.Each order is roasted the way you like it.
Each order is roasted as if it were my own.
Each order comes with a description of the coffee from it’s country of origin.
Your coffee is roasted with passion, excellence and of course…. a fresh roasted cup of coffee in my hand! 











Yes...this is how I really feel without coffee!

I've always loved coffee. I can remember my very first cup. I was just a youngster. My dad, a friend of his and I were hunting in the mountains of Colorado. The mountain temperature was pretty cold...so cold in fact that I had to snuggle up to my dad to keep warm in the tent.

The following morning the sun shown but I was still cold. At our camp fire we had coffee brewing. I won't tell ya the name but suffice to say I would NOT drink it today! Never the less, my cold body warmed right up after a cup of campfire joe. 

Many years have past since that camping trip. Now my favorite part of the day is having my daily coffee experience. I always look forward to having a great cup of coffee.

I started roasting coffee in an old West Bend Poppery II air pop popcorn popper,

It was pretty fun to hear that first crack, second crack and smell that wonderful fresh roasted coffee. It was even better to drink my first home roasted cup!

I started using a Behmor 1600 in February 2009. Talk about a great roaster. You get repeatable roasts and still get to smell that great coffee smell.

This picture is from Sweet Marias, where I ordered my Behmor from. Behmor and Sweet Marias have great customer service and quality products.

The name "Coffee Snob Roasters" was my wife's idea. One day my fussiness about my coffee habits elicited a comment from my wife. "You're just a coffee snob" she said.
I had to admit she was right.
I am so fussy about my coffee, I started my own small business.

This is my next coffee roaster...I hope. Just need about $7000.00  No big deal. 

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